Souto da Trabe - ecological chestnuts products
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We only grow indigenous chestnut varieties.

We select the best fruit. They are handpicked (in order to prevent the dirt from caking) at optimum ripeness, making the quality of this product apparent by its organoleptic characteristics (smell, taste, etc.). Our organic chestnuts are not only chemical free, but also contain more vitamins, minerals and trace elements, promoting a healthy diet.

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We don’t only grow mushrooms in order to transform them and get exquisite products; we also do it to protect our chestnut trees.

We ensure that there is proper vegetation cover so as to conserve soil and save water by using different conservation tillage systems, favoring the growth of the beneficial fauna, flora, soil organisms and microorganisms.

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In our fig trees, we grow exceptional figs for their sweet taste and fragrant aroma, making them an excellent ingredient to consume with chestnuts in order to obtain a sophisticated product.

Figs are composed of 80% water and 12% sugar. The fruit, when ripe, is very good for digestion because it contains a special substance called Cradina. They possess vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and Iron. When they are ready to be picked they have a dry stem, wrinkled skin and release a drop of syrup when opened. It is commonly said in Spain that it must have “a hung man’s neck, a poor man’s clothing and a widow’s eye.”



The ecological pumpkins grown in our soutos with which we elaborate chestnut and pumpkin marmalade are rich in:

Vitamins: contain vitamin A and vitamin C mainly, in addition to vitamins E and those of group B

Minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc among others.

One of its main characteristics is the content of beta-carotene. Antioxidant, rich in fiber and low in calories.

Environmental commitment
We are 100% committed to conserving the environment. Our “soutos” are an example of how we use natural resources in every way possible. We do not use any types of chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides.


This is a low fat, low protein, and high fiber fruit. It helps to remove toxins from our bodies because it contains potassium.

The vitamin A it contains helps to protect our skin and keep it healthy.

It protects us from toxins and aging because it contains vitamin A, C and Zinc.

It helps us maintain proper brain function because of its phosphorus content.

Its iron content helps us prevent anemia.

Commitment and quality

Souto da Trabe is firmly committed to quality control. Our products are made following only the strictest hygiene and food safety guidelines in a rigid process. That process begins with the selection and classification of our raw materials. They are then processed, packaged (the sterilized product is subjected to a process of rapid chilling which allows it to reach a temperature of 3°C in less than 45 minutes), and marketed. We have a Food Security Management System based on the HACCP system that includes all products and all processes.

Organic, healthy
We obtain healthy organic products with higher nutritional values and, at the same time, retain the fertility of the land, respecting the environment in a sustainable and balanced way. We use agronomic and biological methods assuring the equilibrium of the ecosystem.

Economic and environmental sustainability

We efficiently make use of the residual heatgiven off by the chestnut-peeling machine by using it to dry the chestnuts once they’ve been washed.


Tradition and innovation

We combine tradition with modernization and innovation throughout the production process in order to create high quality food and culinary excellence.